Sourcing accurate, current contact and specialty information on
Travel Agents has been a continuing challenge for travel suppliers 
and travel trade media who are dependent on this data. 

Collecting and validating data is either done manually, which is extremely time consuming and inconsistent, or done through individual online form collecting, which travel agents don't have the time to provide for so many companies.


taCONNECT has solved this industry-wide issue!

The Travel Agent
Data Issue

taNETWORK Data Ecosystem

The taNETWORK leverages data aggregated from an extensive network of thousands of industry registration forms that it powers, creating a data network that is constantly being fueled
with the
most current contact and business information.

taCONNECT Forms are a benefit to both the supplier and travel agent as they pre-populate the fields with the travel agent's most current information, delivering a one-click registration process.


It is the largest collection of real-time travel trade business information in the travel industry.

CRM Supplier Profile Update 
Registration Forms
Registration Forms
Registration Forms
Registration Forms
Insider Travel Report (ITR)
Custom Lead Widgets

Supported by the taNETWORK, our technology delivers real-time data intelligence to 
hundreds of the most successful travel companies' Travel Agent databases.

Click here to learn more about how the taNETWORK is built, verified and maintained.

Travel companies who connect to the network all benefit from this mass data collection geared towards sales and marketing optimization.