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Travel Relations LLC is a provider of global travel technology solutions uniquely focused on helping the travel industry build business and relationships through data-driven innovations, network solutions and industry intelligence.


Travel Relations operates two independent, yet integrated platforms

– taCONNECT and Insider Travel Report (ITR) –

that leverage our proprietary taNETWORKthe largest, real-time travel trade intelligence database to connect, engage and inform travel suppliers and

travel advisors in this ever-evolving marketplace.

taCONNECT is a travel trade database management and sales & marketing platform driven by data-intelligence to help build client profits.

The taCONNECT platform offers a suite of unique turnkey data-driven solutions that support and strengthen sales and marketing efforts to travel advisors.


Our proprietary technology and supporting data-intelligent taNETWORK is unmatched in the travel industry. All of our solutions are scalable, customizable and designed to maximize overall investments in travel advisors.


taCONNECT offers direct access to current, detailed travel advisor business information and turnkey digital solutions that are guaranteed to improve sales and marketing efforts and grow travel advisor business through highly targeted database management.

Solutions include: 

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Insider Travel Report (ITR) is an online B2B travel content and targeted advertising platform delivering specialized daily news content and audience-based advertising to the travel industry. 


Led by award-winning travel journalist, James Shillinglaw and powered by the data-intelligence technology platform, taCONNECT, Insider Travel Report (ITR) publishes 100,000+ unique daily newsletters, Monday - Friday, to an ongoing verified audience of travel professionals.


Every article and display advertisement in each newsletter and homepage are customized and unique to the individual travel advisors' core business specialty and destination sales. This data-intelligence is derived from the subscriber's registration profile, which is verified every 30-days, to ensure delivery of an unparalleled level of user engagement and insider knowledge in a highly-specialized and ever-changing marketplace. 

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Both taCONNECT and Insider Travel Report (ITR) are supported by the taNETWORK, our proprietary data network of more than 100,000 globally verified active in-depth travel advisor business profiles, all validated by the advisor within the last eight-months. 


The taNETWORK is the largest sourcing of accurate, current contact and specialty information on travel advisors in the travel industry.

Verified Active Travel Advisors
Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 8.44.59 AM.png

Numbers below each region represent collective personal sales

Reported on 9/1/2023

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taNETWORK Data Ecosystem

The taNETWORK leverages data aggregated from an extensive network of hundreds of supplier online registration forms that taCONNECT powers, creating a data network that is constantly being fueled with the most current contact and business information.

The taNETWORK utilizes a universal 30-data-point structure designed to capture key sales and marketing intelligence. Every submitted form is verified by the travel advisor within an eight-month timeframe, providing travel companies with current and data-rich intel.

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