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Travel Agency Distribution Channel Statistics

Size of Market

64,000 Full-Time Travel Agents

40,000 Independent Travel Agents


104,000 Total U.S. Travel Agents

2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics


ARC Agency Locations: 13,000

CLIA Agency Locations: 10,700

IATAN Card Holders: 103,000

OSSN True Card Holders: 2,300

Value of Market

Travel Agents - A Valuable Partner


The travel agency distribution channel accounts for one-third of the U.S. travel market: $100 Billion

PhoCusWright’s Travel Agency Distribution Landscape 2009-2013


Travel Agents deliver the highest value customers versus other distribution channels. 


Number of Trips Taken Annually

Travel Agent Customers: 4.81 Trips

Non Travel Agent Customers: 3.93 Trips


Average Length of Trips

Travel Agent Customers: 8.2 Nights (35% Longer)

Non Travel Agent Customers: 6 Nights


Average Daily Spend of Travelers

Travel Agent Customers: $494 per Day 

Non Travel Agent Customers: $238 per Day


Travel Weekly's 2014 Consumer Trends Report


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